Eugene is a quirky 20-something with a heart of gold, and zero luck in the dating world. He feels stuck and even bored in his day job, as an administrative assistant at a technology company. One of his only friends, Chris, happens to work with him, providing humor and camaraderie. Chris has the confidence Eugene wishes he had. He’s that likable instigator every workplace has. Eugene’s passion is creative writing and his outlet is a weekly poetry jam. That’s his happy place. He’s a rockstar. Everything he isn’t from 9-5, he is when he’s on that stage presenting his words.

Another appealing factor at that poetry slam is Kelsey, the cute barista that runs the coffeehouse. Eugene is smitten and hopes that one day she’ll actually spell his name right on the coffee cup. Until then, he continues to take the stage each week, in hopes it may lead to something more, personally and professionally.

Unfortunately, Kelsey just started dating Trent, who is Eugene’s boss, and the worst person ever. He’s the frat guy that never grew up, can talk his way out of anything, and treats Eugene worse can garbage.

Chris skips the gentle encouragement and with some coaching, pushes Eugene to be a man, and actually talk to Kelsey. Eugene musters up the courage to have a conversation with her, beyond the usual small talk. Surprisingly, she extends an invite that sweet Eugene misinterprets. In the blink of an eye, Eugene accidentally commits himself to something beyond his capabilities. Once again, he is stuck. This time, his potential love life and reputation are on the line. Can he live up to his commitment to his dream girl? The only way out is that he MUST FOOL EVERYONE.