Punarjanma ( Rebirth ) is a movie based on a true story during the insurgency period of Nepal, many soldiers, policemen and rebels lost their life, many escaped and returned back and many disappeared. 
Punarjanam is based on real life story in which Amar who was in Nepali Army and severing the country during the Civil war. There was combat between Maoist and Army in which Amar got kidnapped by Maoist and been in custody of them. During the combat Amar’s friend happen to wear his Uniform and got engaged in combat. He died and Amar got kidnapped. After that people found the body of Amar’s friend but could not recognize his friend and assumed that its Amar’s dead body and hand over the dead body to Amar’s Family. Aamar’s Family excepted that Amar is no more and did the cremation. On the other side Amar was alive and was in in custody of Maoist. Some how he managed to escape from them and went to home where he found out that every one is excepted that he dead and his Family is hopeless. when he showed up to his house every one got socked and happy that he is alive however he was not allowed to entered the house because the priest of the Village¬†
has mention his family that he is dead according to Hindu cremation Rituals and in order to get back to his Normal life he has to Reborn again and spend 9 day in a Mud pot according to Ritual and Get married again also. than only he will be accepted as Amar. So Amar Has to go Through the all rituals and even get married again with his wife.