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We are accepting all genres of film. Short films must be between 15 and 55 minutes in length, and full feature films must be between 60 and 120 minutes.

The award goes to the following categories:

  1. Best Actor
  2. Best Actress
  3. Best Animation
  4. Best Cinematography
  5. Best Comedy
  6. Best Director
  7. Best Drama
  8. Best Documentary
  9. Best Film
  10. Best Foreign Film
  11. Best Producer
  12. Best Short Film

If you have any questions about submitting your film, please email us at Once you have filled out and submitted this registration form online, you will be redirected to the payment page. After your online registration and payment have been made, you must send a Blu-Ray format copy of your film, optionally along with a trailer in mp4 format, by mail to:

Universal Film Festival Inc.
PO Box 412222
Kansas City, MO 64141

Entry fee for all submissions is $50.00. Contact #: (816) 474-9988


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