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Welcome to the newest feature on our website – our blog!

We cannot wait to share with you filmmaker highlights, contest information and offer you a more personal way to connect with the Universal Film Festival.

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We at the Universal Film Festival are so excited to add this to our collection of ways to reach our international film family. Enjoy.

We are delighted to feature a new segment to our film festival – a local film contest!

Our contest is open to any filmmaker or filmmakers in Missouri or Kansas. We will have 3 awards – 1st and 2nd place will be given based off of originality and cinematography. Our 3rd award is People’s Choice – an award based off of popularity on social media.

Prizes are:

$750 – 1st Place
$500 – 2nd Place
#250 – People’s Choice

In order to enter the contest, upload a film made to YouTube, email the link to us, pay our entry fee, and share it on social media!

Local filmmakers, please upload films to YouTube. Email the links, name, city/town and social media handles to include in the social media posts to

Film Submission Rules

Films must be at least 10 minutes long.
Film must be made between August 22, 2016 – August 5, 2019
Groups or individual filmmakers are allowed.
Entry fee is $25. Fees can be paid for via PayPal to
Submissions must be received in the inbox with payment confirmation by August 5, 2019. You will receive a confirmation email upon receiving the submission and payment.
Winners will be emailed August 19 and announced on social media August 20.

Films will be posted to social media August 6, 2019. We will tag the filmmakers in their posts so they can start sharing their work as soon as possible!

Winners will have their films featured during the first night of the Film Festival, winners will be given tickets for the festival and will be announced during the festival!

We are ESTATIC to see our local talent highlighted at a international, highly-esteemed film festival right her in our own backyard in Kansas City.