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Thomas Meyer

Chosen One

Chosen One takes you to the Land of The Forgotten Forest, an enchanted place where elves live. Celadriel, a young elf girl, stumbles onto a group of elf archers, who protect the land from the threat of vampires. Showing them of her abilities, it is here that she learns of her destiny, that is written in prophecy. Leaving all that she knows behind, she trains and is tested. When the land is faced with a vampire invasion, led by the villanous Andrasteia, can Celadriel fulfill her prophesy as the Chosen One? 

Action  #2 4:00pm
Dennis Dey Midnight at the Riverbend Theatre

A runaway realizes a life altering encounter while hiding out in a local theater after hours.

Drama #2 5:30pm

Dennis Dey


The spiritual nature of a young video editor plays a key role in the life of a grieving widow.

Drama #2 6:00pm

Brent Alan Henry


If you could get time back at the end, how would you begin? John Delacroix is an ambitious businessman, so much so that he finds himself neglecting what is truly important in his life. After a sudden heart attack, a mysterious women grants him the time he spent blinking to go back and relive his greatest joys and struggles.


Drama #2 6:40pm

Christopher Annino


‘The CruciFire’ is a psychological thriller. This film exposes predators who choose to do harm to the innocent. The film is about an vigilante phantom that punishes individuals who hurt the innocent. It’s well known that many people that have been victims of sexual abuse are abused by authority figures. This is their story and this is their vengeance. The person who calls himself The CruciFire is a hero for those who can’t speak for themselves. Predators beware you will be found and you will be crucified. The film was based on actual events but fictionalized. This film is in Memory of Mia Zapata and Andrea Tegan Post. Film locations include New England, Florida, Georgia, Canada

Horror Drama

#2 6:53pm

Melonie Gartner

Where the Great Spirit Lives

Dirke, a war veteran, struggles with his own personal demons in a small town where he’s shunned and misunderstood by everyone. One day, he meets Emma, the girl of his dreams. She’s a girl who doesn’t judge him regardless of whatever her friends and co-workers tell her. Emma is the only comfort that Dirke has going in his life when everything else seems bleak. In his lonely, run down motel room, he thinks and dreams about her although they only just met. Emma has an intense hold on him, and his world will never be the same. It’s a love story which love takes place where fantasy and reality cross.

Horror #2 7:15pm

Robbie Barnes

Dreams Come True

In this surrealistic world, Jack and Sarah are literally living the dream life. But one of them wants to break free from their perfect dreamscape and live a life in a real world, filled with beauty, pain, and everything in between. But doing so might cost this couple everything and turn their dream into a nightmare.

Romance #2 7:41pm

Aashish Chanana


The first dramatic feature film to tackle the disturbing ISIS phenomenon, Afreen takes an unblinking, uncompromising look at the roots of extremism, and offers difficult solutions that the governments, religions, and peoples of the world ignore at their own peril. Two years ago, a failed attack on the Canadian Parliament in Ottawa left two men dead. Now, unbeknownst to the public, another attack plot is brewing in the city of Toronto…


Action / Foreign Film #2 8:05pm






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Efemia Fard 

Controlled Breaths of Air

Margaritka – 70 years old is the mother of Nevena and Borislava. In the eighties of the last century, as a student of mechanical engineering, she married a Stalin colleague of the same institute after he raped her and she became pregnant. She must marry the person who raped her so she is not the mother of an illegitimate child. Stalin thinks it is commonplace to beat his pregnant wife daily and cruelly.

Documentary #6 4:00pm

Zoran Dragelj

Friends Like These

After his relationship falls apart, Sal and his two best friends decide to rent a house on the island, in an attempt to get him out of his slump. The girls’ attempt to help Sal results in excessive drinking, late nights, and mild debauchery.

Foreign Film #6 4:31pm

Nicole Amelio-Casper

The Journey Back to Normal: A Look at Complementary Therapies to Combat PTSD

Nicole Amelio-Casper, a Veteran’s spouse who spent 20 years in the military community produced this documentary called A JOURNEY BACK TO NORMAL – The film documents 4 key alternative therapies that are impactful at decreasing the negative effects of PTSD. This film highlights three non-profit organizations near Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, Missouri and one non-profit outside of Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA. The film CHRONICLES their unwavering pursuit to help active duty military & veterans in their hour of need. Their efforts are honorable, and SO critical. We need to band together to support and heal our Heroes!  Documentary #6 5:30pm

Abilesh Ravi

Ondraa Irandaa Aasaigal ( One or More Desires)

Its a thriller constrained to time, revolving among a bunch of eccentric characters nudging through betrayal, love and friendship.

Foreign Film #6 6:36pm

Tom Kondilas 

Split Decision  An unexpected pregnancy forces a working mom to fight for control of her job, family and sense of reality. A magical-realistic dramedy with laser beams (and a strong female lead). Drama  #6 7:05pm

Mahmoud Shoolizadeh

The Debt A Combat veteran whose life is falling apart unexpectedly faces her past, and it’s not what she thought.  Drama #6 7:45pm

Silvia Gregorova

The Treasure

Bitter comedy “The Treasure” was based the eponymous neorealist tale by Alberto Moravia from the collection “The Roman Stories (1954)”. The main impulse to write the script came from an actual article from the Czech tabloid about buried Jewish gold. The film takes place in a Czech town and tries bitterly to criticize the absence of piety and the persisting anti-Semitism hidden in some of us. The whole film is illustrated by the music of the Prague Yiddish band and photographs of the Jews.

  #6 8:16pm

Ana Barredo 

The Year I Did Nothing 

Set in 1985, Manila, this coming-of-age story follows 15-year old Christina who convinces her parents not to send her and her younger siblings back to school after being notified by the US Immigration Office that their 10-year old application is about to be processed. But apparently, there was more waiting to be had as their papers inch at a snail’s pace through the US immigration process. With nothing to do and all the time in the world, see how these kids creatively kill time during the longest summer vacation of their lives – the same year a revolution is about to erupt as the exasperated Filipinos attempt to oust 20+ year dictator, Ferdinand Marcos

Foreign Film #6 8:46pm









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Samy Chouia


Make America Laugh Again

Travel Ban is about being brown and immigrant in America seen through the eyes of comedians of Middle Eastern background. Documentary  #6 2:30pm

Renee Green

The Nuclear Nightmare Cover-Up

This documentary is about a B52 with 2 thermonuclear bombs that went by the call sign “Buzz One Four” that crashed on Big Savage Mountain in Western Maryland on January 13, 1964 during a blizzard. The local citizens became the first responders and almost died trying to search and rescue the crew members of this B52 that crashed near the small town of Grantsville, Maryland. Even though this crash occurred over 50 years ago, the people impacted by this event continue with their journey of recovery. This documentary interviews key eyewitnesses to the crash, rescue and recovery of the crew members, deactivating the bombs, security of the crash site along with an admission that there were to use deadly force if necessary, to secure the B-52. Documentary #6 3:55pm

Ryan Doyle

Fleeting youth

“Fleeting Youth” is a coming-of-age short drama about two young musicians struggling to make their mark in an ambivalent world. As graduation approaches, Kendra grapples between continuing to pursue her music duo with her boyfriend Jackson or leave him behind to study music formally, pending her acceptance to prestigious universities.

Drama #6 5:30pm

Alexander Kaminer


What would you do when your own conscience that goes by the name of Jimmy the trickster makes you earn money using a miraculous app called LIFT that sets you on an ethereal journey where you’ll overcome your own ego, find true love and finally realize your dream?

Comedy #6 5:55pm

Lee Chambers

Copenhagen Road

Late one-night Craig, a mechanic, reluctantly agrees to help Nicole, a desperate young woman with a flat tire, in a car all too familiar to him. Nicole’s mysterious incident on the old Copenhagen Road slowly strikes an eerie note for Craig and brings his own shady past rushing forward.

Drama #6 7:37pm 
Ali Reza 


Two young men (Amin and Akvan) one a barber, one a dyer, are both experts in their profession. They go to a remote town by ship. The town has limited industries and crafts and it is therefore a good market for work. They decide to start a new life. Amin tries hard and succeeds in controlling soap production and distribution market. He meets a boy, Farbod, who accompanies him in the story. Amin marries Firoozeh (Farbod’s mother) and starts again the attar shop which is an inheritance from Farbod’s father. Their family of three becomes credible among the people and the court of the town’s ruler by working hard. Akvan finds good income and fame in the good market for his profession, and he becomes successful sooner because of his ability to collude and his glib tongue. As he mixes jealousy with competition, he colludes with Fariborz, a profiteering and greedy merchant who has lost the distribution of soap market to Amin. In order to besmear Amin’s reputation in front of the ruler, Akvan devises a heinous scheme against the ruler’s life, but in the end, he himself is trapped in the conspiracy and dishonest plot he employs to gain more profit and to defeat Amin.

Animation  #6 7:50pm
Aashish Chanana Temptations

A story of two gorgeous women. Victoria, a stunning supermodel trapped in a loveless millionaire marriage, (played by TATYANA FOREST) to David Broder (played by DAVID PEREZ) and Nicole, a small town Alberta girl struggling to achieve her dreams and searching for LOVE in a tangled web of deceit and murder (played by ASHLEIGH DAVIDSON).

Drama #6 9:10pm







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Pierangeli llinas

The Immigrant / Her American Nightmare

Carmen, saving her own life and the life of her recently born son, escapes from her village, laid waste by violence. In an extreme push for survival, withstanding the worst of dangers, she crosses the border and comes to New York. She believes that her effort is worth it. What wouldn’t someone do for their child? What card wouldn’t be played to save a life? To have freedom? To be happy? There were many painful times…They exploited her. They abused her. They mistreated her. With her fragile, naive soul, she only increased her confusion, watched her anguish grow and lost her mind. Carmen became one of the so many immigrants who ended up being buried in a dark nightmare. Carmen, like so many others, could not find her American Dream

Drama #2 4:00pm

dean norris

The Boy Can See The Wind Five-year-old Danny, a recent Mexican immigrant, is not socialising with local youngsters and lives in his dream-world of flying, loves TV’s Superman and has the model. His mother dismisses this obsession as a childhood phase, while Grandmother encourages it and suggests Danny should experiment with flying objects. Somewhat frustrated with paper airplanes and models, he enjoys success with kite until Mother’s criticism knocks his confidence. Again Grandmother steps in with support and tells story of ‘The boy can see the wind’. A stronger Danny is happy to pursue his dream and will become a pilot. Animation  #2 5:35pm

Maria João Ferreira

A City Between US

A woman balances between the love of her dying marriage and an old boyfriend that reappears in her life. Foreign Film #2 5:45pm

 Lyle Gibson

Discovering Tommie Atkins: The Revelation of His Creek Nation Legacy

Part III of An American Story series “Discovering Tommie Atkins: The Revelation of His Creek Nation Legacy” will explore the unique relationship between Native Americans, African Americans, and Hispanics. The young lady featured in this series was born prior to the 1963 Loving v. Virginia case on miscegenation. The case was responsible for the transformation of racial identity in general to include Native American identity and the blending of cultures. Through her story we will explore the outcome of the 1887 Dawes Act; the first step transitioning Native Americans into U.S. Citizens. The 1887 Dawes Act allowed Native Americans to be treated as individuals rather than as members of a tribe.

Documentary #2 6:50:pm

Paul Check

Rounded Corners

A book smart 13-year old girl, raised alone by her Wall Street father, learns about life from her new carefree babysitter over summer vacation   #2 7:10pm

Lightning N Mitchell

The Vision

With the arrival of the Women’s Basketball Association (WBA) the first ever in history spring and summer women’s professional basketball league, it finally gives the American woman an opportunity to play professional basketball here in the United States.

Documentary #2 8:40pm