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Welcome to the Universal Film Festival. Our festival provides aspiring filmmakers with an excellent opportunity for “ networking and promotion.” The Universal Film Festival’s vision is to be “ The premier host of Independent Filmmakers.”


The Universal Film Festival is a well known annual entertainment event.
Winners are selected by a judging panel of a variety of film industry professionals.


Our audience supports films and encourages the independent, entrepreneurial Imagination, promulgated by our filmmakers. Universal Film Festival continues to provide a credible and accessible venue for aspiring and talented filmmakers.


The Universal Film Festival’s philosophy is to increase the filmmakers audience by encouraging “ no boundaries” in their vision and artistry. Our filmgoers are able to connect to the films,due to their authenticity. We embrace filmmakers and directors to produce “ The Realities of Life.”



Alamo Drafthouse Cinema

1400 Main Street
Kansas City, Mo. 64105


The Universal Film Festival is one of the top 100 film festivals in the United States, founded by artists with Experienced entrepreneurial imagination and vision.The mission…………talented filmmakers,…..

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