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The Universal Film Festival is a gathering of individuals from different walks of life celebrating the world of independent film. Our lives,cultures,and experiences forms who we are and establishes our uniqueness! The Universal Film Festival provides a Venue in which to portray your thoughts and feelings.

The Universal Film Festival highlights aspiring filmmakers, from college students to full time  filmmakers. We are proud to except several different categories of films and really enjoy celebrating their accomplishments. The Universal Film Festival is housed in the growing art scene in Downtown Kansas City, Missouri, at the Alamo Drafthouse.


The atmosphere of such a grand location sets the scene for a fantastic meet-and-greet, several days’ worth of films and a magnificent awards ceremony – complete with a red carpet experience – to conclude our celebration of independent films from around the world. Filmmakers have a vision for their films – just as the Universal Film Festival has a vision for their festival.


We encourage no boundaries for the artistry of film. We want to serve as a platform, critic, supporter and cheerleader for independent films from across the globe. We pride ourselves in calling ourselves Universal Film Festival – we believe film is a universal media for all walks of life to enjoy. Join us in appreciating and celebrating this unique, diverse and authentic part of our society.

The Universal Film Festival is one of the top 100 film festivals in the United States, founded by artists with Experienced entrepreneurial imagination and vision. The mission…………talented filmmakers,…..

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